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pregnancy belly

27 weeks

Movement at all hours?  Does this baby ever get tired?  Feels like somersaults, back flips, punches, and jumping jacks are going on in there!

Another interesting new feeling popped up this past week…envy?  My clients are amazing and I am thrilled to see and hear their success every week.  Just yesterday a woman reported to me that she’s down 8lbs. and fit into a size 6 for the first time since her FOUR children have been born.  This is rock star stuff in my world and makes me float on air with cheerleader joy for all the hard work my clients are investing in themselves.  I see them progressing in their strength and endurance and find a part of myself missing being able to do the same thing.

This past weekend I took an anti-gravity yoga class, was able to sit in the canvas swing and enjoy deep relaxation and stretching in a prenatal focused class.  I immensely enjoyed the class and will be back, but, at the same time I feel impatient – I want to do the upside down work, the anti-gravity yoga bends and strength challenges.  Yesterday I had a Pilates apparatus session with my trainer, it was great as always.  But, still I found myself pouting that I couldn’t do the advanced moves I’m use to completing in session.

I know the time will come shortly where getting back into my body will happen and I know it may be like starting over again in many aspects.  I swing between eagerly anticipating creating my own before/after and resenting the idea of ‘starting over’.

Today is March 28, I am reaching the end of week 27 and my belly button hasn’t popped yet but I expect it will any moment.

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